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Boarding Services

All dogs are handled daily so we can make sure he/she is having normal “body functions” and we can make sure he/she is eating. We start getting dogs out by 6:30am and by 9:00 pm they are bedded down for the night.  They will have their own living quarters unless other arrangements have been made.

We have 100’ x 50’ outside play area that your dog can socialize in and outside kennels that your dog can stay in and have shade in the Summer and dry in the Winter.
We can accommodate dogs of any size and cats too.
Safety of your pet is the # 1 boarding with us.
Your pet will have 24/7 around-the-clock care
We have two yards for the big dog and little dogs
Your dog will have a 100’ x 50’ fenced in yard to exercise and socialize with other dogs every day
We have outside kennels so dog gets to spend extra time outside
He or she will get hands-on walks down the trails for the beautiful scenery of our 24 acres
No extra charge for giving meds
We feed your dog’s own food that you supply so it’s less stressful and avoids most stomach upsets
We work with a couple of different vets for any emergency we may have
Boarding requirements:

Up-to-date on rabies and bordatella (kennel cough) vaccinations is a must!!!!

You will need to provide your dog’s own food, as we do not like to change their diet, which will cause upset stomach and stress.  We will provide bowls, treats, water, and blankets; but you are more than welcome to bring anything else you feel would make your pet comfortable. We are not responsible if you supply a bed and your pet tears or shreds the bedding for any reason.
Boarding rates

$25.00 per day for dogs up to 80 pounds

$30.00 per day for extra large breed dogs over 80 pounds

$15.00 per day for Cats
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Grooming Services

Our main goal is to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied. We are here to do quality work not quantity.

We have 20+ years hands-on experience with Paws, Claws & Hooves.  I have owned and bred Great Danes, since 1995 and have been highly active in owning & fostering rescue greyhounds for my local rescue.   
We specialize in large breeds & have the equipment to accommodate the largest dog to the smallest dog.  All dogs are handled with extra care, so it is stress free.  We prefer to grind nails instead of cutting so your dog is guaranteed not to bleed. ($5.00 for nail clipping; $10.00 for nail grinding). We use oatmeal and non-allergic shampoos so it’s easier for all pets and their owners.
We am experienced with hard-to-handle dogs & get the job done that other groomers could not do and turned away.  

Weekend grooming appointments are available; plus weekend drop-offs and pick-ups for boarding.
Services and Prices
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